Polynucleotide Training (Face, Eyes & Neck)

Polynucleotide Training (Face, Eyes & Neck)

£350 + VAT = £420


4 Hours


Polynucleotide Training


All delegates must be medical professionals that have successfully completed a foundation course in dermal filler treatments.

Introduction to Polynucleotide is a comprehensive in depth course to teach delegates how to safely treat patients using the NEW PhilArt Polynucleotide by Croma Pharma.

This course is a combination of online theory followed by our hands on in clinic practical session.

PhilArt is an innovative biostimulator from Croma Pharma. The injectable gel works by stimulating the body's own cell regeneration, and improves patients skin quality.  The long gel Polynucleotides create an ideal environment for the production and growth of new fibroblasts, which produce more collagen. It also helps promote hydration, elasticity and helps to protect the skin from free radical scavengers.


Whats Included?

Ongoing marketing material & support from your Croma representatives will be provided after training. 

In-depth product knowledge, treatment protocols, patient consultation and aftercare will be discussed.
Hands on training using PhilArt products.
Areas that will be treated on the day by all delegates are face, eyes and neck.

Course Details

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Registration Start Time 9:45 am- 10:00am 

Couse Start Time 10:00am-12:00pm

This course is designed to provide all delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the PhilArt Polynucleotide products. We aim to ensure  all delegate leave feeling competent intergrating the theory and practical session learnt into ptactice. 

Before attending your  practical session you will be given access to Croma’s in depth online presentation. 

  • Introducuing Polynucleotides
  • What are Polynucleotides & how they work?
  • The science behind Polynucleotides
  • Science & Evolution behind Polynucleotides
  • Evidence based literature Clinical discussed
  • Why and how to use polynucleotides in your clinical practice
  • How to navigate the PhilArt Polynucleotide portfolio (PhilArt, PhilArt Next, PhilArt Eye
  • Case study results presented
  • How to use in clinical practice
  • Treatment protocols and procedures
  • Combination treatnents discussed
  • Trainer demonstrations
  • Hands on practical session, under our trainers supervision
  • Eyes
  • Face
  • Neck

We only train medical health care professionals with active registrations with the GMC, GDC & NMC.

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses

To attend our polynucleotide training you must have previously completed a foundation dermal fillers course. 

Your Training will be carried out in our multi-award winning clinic and the training will be carried out by our multi-award winning trainer Jacqueline Naeini,  who has a wealth of experience to share. 

Our trainer Jacqueline has been a nurse for over 20 years and has been an aesthetics nurse for 15 years. 



There are several compelling reasons why people should attend our training courses in Polynucleotide Training from Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield, Rotherham, and Doncaster.

  • First and foremost, Polynucleotide Training is a highly sought-after cosmetic treatment, and attending this training courses will provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to offer this popular service to their clients.
  • Our courses offer hands-on training from experienced professionals, allowing attendees to learn proper injection techniques and gain a deep understanding of the science behind Polynucleotide treatments.
  • Overall, attending your Polynucleotide training courses is a smart investment for anyone looking to expand their cosmetic service offerings and grow their business in the beauty industry.
Jacqueline Naeini
Aesthetic Nurse

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